Monday, April 28, 2008

In the Air

So, my life is still in the air... But today, I met someone whose life was also still in the air and is finishing school in May too. That made me feel great. I don't know anyone who doesn't have a plan. I hear from other people that its OK that I don't have a plan, and really, I think it is, but everyone who is telling me that has a plan or is well established. I think it is much easier for them to say that than to live by not having a plan.

I am actually OK with not having a plan, but I would like some stability in my life. Not having a job, a boyfriend, a house, a pet, (my Geckos don't count) Well, I guess I don't have to take care of anything besides myself and that makes me incredibly free. But, I think it also makes me vulnerable. Vulnerable in the fact that I may be more willing to jump at a chance to take an opportunity that may not be the best for me. (I haven't done that yet, but, just sayin)

But not knowing exactly what I'm going to do in right now in my life also offers excitement and adventure. I can surprise myself into what I can become. I can work hard for something I really want. I can change the outcome of something bigger than myself. I can make a difference. When life is so planned out there isn't any room for left turns of the "right" path.

Woody didn't have a plan, he didn't have an itinerary. He hopped trains and just took what he could from life and gave it back to the people who loved it most. He made a difference by seeing a problem and attempting to fix it. Why can't I do that?

If I could do anything in life I would help people. I would inspire them to make a difference in their own life and the lives of others. I would instill passion for things that are not material. I would foster love through music. I would change attitudes towards people of different faiths, different races, and different ideas. I would support tolerance and encourage acceptance.

I think I can do these things... I just have to put these ideas into practice. I just have to make this idea into a product. I think Grins for Guthrie may be developing... I just need to make this plan a reality.

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Joseph Pulikotil said...

The best laid plans of men and mice often go wrong