Saturday, April 12, 2008


I'm currently in Salisbury, Maryland. It is pretty enjoyable! I'm hear for NCUR, a research conference and I have learned so much and have done some risky things...

Day one: We left at 2 AM to fly from Omaha. We then flew into Chicago and then to Reagan in D.C. I was extremely excited to find that it was green and the flowers and trees were in full blossom. The 40hr day was a little tough, and I still don't think I've caught up on all my sleep!

Day Two: I went to the conference and learned a lot about so many things. The Environment, Bob Dylan, Farm Subsidies, tons of stuff.

Day Three: I presented and had a great session of other performers. Korean Drumming, Ethiopian Music, and Progressive Sax. Good stuff. The presentation was so full of energy and it was great to see others with the same kind of passion for their project as I had for mine!

Today: I went to some more presentations and learned more. So far so good.

So you may be wondering what the risky things I did were... Well, Crossing the street was really risky. We crossed a huge highway that didn't have a crosswalk and was really busy. (Yeah, this town doesn't have sidewalks either!) I thought we were going to be in trouble for sure!

Anyways, hope you like the pictures!

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