Saturday, March 15, 2008

Pi Day!

Yesterday was Pi Day. Not a particularly risky day, but fun none the less. Because of the intense bike ride on Thursday, I couldn't sleep very well Thursday night. So, I was kinda crabby all day.

I took a history test that I wasn't prepared for, that was risky. Ate lunch with Conor on my Fire escape, Went for a bike ride, and then had to play at a concert. I came for the dress rehearsal and played for 10 minutes then played the concert. I sight read the piece. Pretty risky.

But the big deal of yesterday was Pi Day. 3.14 (March 14th) Conor and Liz and Mike and I made pie. Apple Pie and Pecan Pie. We had homemade whipped cream, Homemade Carmel Sauce, ate ice cream, and drank wine. It was a good good pi day. The risk was that I might become a type 2 diabetic because I hate so many sweets. (Just kidding... I'll be OK!) I just had a good time with friends.

My neighbor that lives above me had his music on so loud that I couldn't sleep after that, so I went downtown and met Ben there. He came over for tea, and knocked on the door nicely, my neighbor didn't answer, Ben knocked again louder, no answer. Then, Big Bad Ben, Pounded on the door, and the music was finally stopped. Techno and eighties is never a good combo.

My day may not have been that risky, but it was a good day. I'm fortunate to have great friends who are crazy enough to have Pi day and pound on your Neighbor's door!

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