Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Monday I went for a LSD ride. Long Slow Distance. Long= the amount of time it took. Slow= the speed at which I was moving. and Distance= to Elk Point and back. Sort of a recovery ride I guess. It was nice and relaxing and I felt very strong going into the wind because it was only blowing 12 mph. Yesterday I went for a 4 mile run, which was also Long and Slow. But I'm ok with that. It gives me time to think. I started my first day of work yesterday and I think I have found my calling... A waitress/bartender. Ha. Just kidding. Although I did have a good time. It is a lot of work and although one may not realize it, I'm too short for the job. :) I can barely see above the bar and reaching into the cooler I just about fall in. All is good though. Maybe I'll be stretched out and get taller out of the deal. I gave away my pet Gecko's to Jaimie last night. This was a little sad, but I think they will have a better home. Now at Pete and Jan's I live with 3 dogs and 2 cats. It makes for a busy but fun house. I'm going to like it. So I'm off for another morning ride. It sucks that most of you have day jobs and can't join me! But I always get the best weather!

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bikingbrady said...

Hush it woman. Yes, the mornings are usually much better. You may struggle the next couple days with the rain though!