Monday, May 19, 2008

We are still talking about it...

I had a friend stop by while I was blogging and finished my post early, but after the Bob's to Bunyan's to Bob's ride, Eric, his parents and I all went to the Chinese Student Association's benefit for the Earthquake. (Yes we rode our bikes there) It was amazing to me that Saturday morning I was riding my bike and my only cares in the world was finishing the ride and having fun with those who rode along with me. Yet, some of the Chinese students that put on the benefit for their country probably had family that died, or were buried under rubble. And maybe some didn't even know anyone that was there, but they felt an allegiance to their people. It is interesting to me that people will band together in times of difficulty--Thats promising to me because I think we may have a tough time ahead of our country and our world. With climate change, rising prices and food shortages things are going to be difficult, but maybe if we all work together--African Americans, Native Americans, Caucasians, Chinese, Europeans, Iraqis, Arabs, Jews, Muslims, Africans--the entire world, maybe then we can co-exist in peace. I guess I think that until we find a way to have renewable resources, we will continue to fight resource wars unless somehow we can work together and solve these problems together. Its simple, I know. But does a solution have to complicated? Can't we just put our differences aside and learn to love people for who they are? Maybe I'm dreaming, but why can't it be a reality?

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