Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sometimes life has its downer moments... Today I had mine... Even though I tried and gave something my best, I still failed... And that feeling of failure sucks... But what sucks worse is disappointment. Because I failed I disappointed my parents and myself. Even though I gave it my best shot. Yes, I'll try again. I have to... But, what happens if I fail then? I gave it my best shot... I prepared as much as I could, but still failed. And unfortunately it effects so much more than it should... Just one failure... My friend said it will all work out, well, it might, but what if it doesn't... It very well might not work out too... Then I guess something else will work out and even though I've worked so hard for one thing, I'll end up getting something less than what I wanted. My heart is heavy with this burden and it sucks because this is the time in life I shouldn't be burdened by anything... I should be soaring and flying and living life with no strings and nothing holding me back... But unfortunately thats not the case.

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